Dress Code


Megan Rocha

What not to wear at school.

Lynelle Has

Cesar Chavez’s 2019 school year opened with many students being dress coded right when they stepped foot onto campus. Many new freshmen wanted to look good their first day of school, but instead wore inappropriate clothes such as tube tops, spaghetti strapped tanks, shorts that are way too short, and as Mrs. Jackson stated; they were practically in their bras! Dress code is a very important factor to this school because how we dress represents our school.

Mrs. Jackson has stated that she has enforced the dress code policy for freshman this year by making it known what not to wear. They have called homes for all students, announced it on the intercom during school, and have had CSMs around school help enforce this policy. Mrs. Jackson also stated that she dress codes about 10 students per day around the whole campus. Sylvia, a campus security monitor, has stated that: “Girls were wearing tube tops and booty shorts. I dress code about 15 students a day and that’s just M wing area. I know girls want to dress cute once in a while, but school is not the place for that.” So girls while you can still dress cute at school, please do it without showing so much skin. There are many other ways to dress cute for school while wearing appropriate clothing.

Now, if you are in the situation of getting dress coded due to inappropriate clothing you are wearing, you do have options to choose from. One option is to change with extra appropriate clothes you  already have. You may also be able to call home and get clothes brought for you to change with. The last option is changing into the extra clothes the school provides. If you really need to avoid this problem, you can simply just choose to dress in appropriate clothes.