LCAP Event Information


David Garcia and Maria Castillo

School is seen as a safe place where kids can learn and grow. However, that is becoming very hard when certain problems arise such as not having access to certain supplies or online resources, not being in a safe learning environment, and no communication between the parents and the schools. To help fix all these problems that is where the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) comes into play.

The LCAP administrator, Connor Sloan, promises that students will be given the eight state priorities. These priorities involve basic services where access will be allowed for everyone, always check safety for children. Academic standards will be set so students will be able to push themselves beyond their limits. Parental involvement will highly be influenced by parents being given training for parenting strategies. Student achievement and student engagement will provide the LCAP with feedback and give students help with tutoring. They will help with school climate where they will make sure everyone feels welcomed and safe and improve discipline with lowering suspension rates. They are also opening access to courses such as electives and college courses to help students decide a pathway towards their future.

The LCAP’s main goal is to give the best quality experience for all schools. They want to improve and learn how to better support students and prepare them for college as well as their future. They want to help students learn how to help the community, get a job, and come back to help the community where they grew up in. They want to give students multi-language help, access to laptops, and access to libraries, staff, and counselors.

Even with all these promises there are parents such as Bennetta Ortez who still has concerns such as, “What is the school going to do about defiant kids in classrooms?” and “Are they getting outdated information or new information?” Ultimately the parent was concerned that they need to be more involved within discussions about their own children. Despite all these concerns the LCAP is going to find these answers and put them into place because they want what we all want and that is a better education for the future of Stockton Unified School District.