Trump to Change School Lunches

Guidelines Based on Presidential Diet

Trump to Change School Lunches

Nathan Ho and Ruben Xavier Munoz

The head of the state, and the man who has control of the FDA (food and drug administration) has recently changed school lunches based on his own diet. President Donald Trump has made revisions to what students eat across the country for breakfast and lunches.

All schools in America will now be serving Diet Coke and McDonalds for lunch and breakfast everyday. Contrary to what the FDA has suggested in the past for healthy food consumption by America’s youth; Trump’s decision for changes to school food has sparked controversy throughout the political sphere.

The changes will come into effect after Christmas break. For breakfast schools will now begin serving Egg McMuffins with a Diet Coke, and for lunch, schools will provide a choice of either a Big Mac or Filet O Fish with a Diet Coke as well.

Democratic senator, Bernie Sanders, said this about Trump’s decision: “Our youth must eat healthy in order for them to prosper in the future, McDonald’s does not provide the nutrition these young people so desperately need.” Trump’s decision has been a controversial one so far, but is in line with a lot of other controversial decisions he has made in his first two years of office. Midterm elections are coming in November.