The Ultimate Checklist to Getting your License in High School

State of California DMV locations across the county.

State of California DMV locations across the county.

De Zainae Roberts, Reporter

Most high school students dream of getting their driver’s license while still in high school. It is a right of passage to becoming a young adult. And while driving is a privilege and not a right guaranteed to us as Americans we hope to make getting a license a little bit easier. 

Getting your Licence in High School

In this checklist we will explain what you need to know in order to get your driver’s license and we will provide tips so that you have a better chance to pass on the first try.

  • The first step to getting your licence can vary depending on your age
  1. If you are younger than 17 1/2 you are required by law in California to complete at least 30 hours of drivers education online. The pricing can vary depending on where you go, but the prices range between 30 and 60 dollars. Once completed the company will mail you a certificate, which you are required by the DMV to bring when taking the permit test.
  2. If you are 17 and a half or older you can skip this step.
  • The next step would be to take the actual permit test, you must be 15 and a half or older to take the actual permit test.
  1. Appointments can be booked online, but if you are in a rush you can take the test as a walk-in also.

-The test is not administered after 4:30

  1. You can pass with a score of 37 out of 46 questions, don’t panic.
  2. From ages 15-1/2 to 17-1/2 you must hold your permit for at least 6 months before driving full time. 

-If you are younger than 17-1/2 you must complete three, two- hour behind the wheel training sessions with an authorized instructor. The sessions can be spread out over the period of six months. The pricing can be anywhere between 250 to 375 dollars.

  • The Driving Test
  1. The first step for the driving test is making the appointment, however you should make the appointment about two to three weeks before you are eligible to take test because DMV’s appointments are always booked.

– Make sure the appointment is made the day of or after you are eligible

  1. What you need is your appointment, permit, a licenced driver, and a car registered and insured with all working functions
  • The final step is to drive but don’t stress while doing so  

-Relax everything is going to be fine.

Extra tips

  • Practice- drive at night, during the day, and even in different weather conditions
  • When your driving test is approaching, drive around the DMV from different routes to get familiar with the road
  • The night before inspect the car making sure the lights works, there are no cracks in the windshield etc.Make sure you know where the windshield wipers, emergency brake, and hazard lights are
  • Know the hand signals for left, right, and stop. When with the examiner make sure you put on your seatbelt first and then adjust your mirrors and seat as needed