Chavez Connects


Sanjesh Singh

The Chavez Connects group gather for one of their growth activities.

Karenn Castillo, Reporter

High school can be a scary place full of confusion, sensory overload, and new experiences. Cesar Chavez High School is trying to do something to make the transition into High School much easier and it is called Chavez Connects. Chavez Connects is a way for incoming Freshman to be mentored throughout the beginning of their high school careers by their peers, specifically experienced upperclassmen Leadership students. Our very own Leadership teacher Mr. Areida has come up with the idea to get incoming Freshman to sign up during orientation.

Each Leadership student is assigned to two freshman who they meet up with once a month in the Multi-Purpose room for games and bonding. Aside from the gatherings held once a month, contact information is exchanged in order to form lasting friendships and build the confidence of freshmen to ask for help.

Among all the Leadership students involved, Sabrina Nelson (11) has been a prominent figure within the association. Originally helping another student run for for representative, Sabrina respectfully and readily stepped in for the place of representative when needed to. When asked, she gave her great outlook on this new program. “I think Chavez Connects is a great thing for our school. It’s been great to see students get so involved into it in order to form new bonds and friendships. Most importantly, it’s a way for Freshmen to get help from those who are a little bit older and have already been through their freshmen experience.”

We were happy to see 60 students wanting to participate whether it was for help or to simply have an experienced friend. Although 60 students was a great number considering this being our first year with Chavez Connects, next year we’re shooting for bigger and better things! Instead of having sign ups during Freshmen orientation, Chavez Connects hopes to include the entire freshman class. “No one is forced to stay, but it’s a great way to spread the word and keep students involved on campus in order to boost their morale.” Added in leadership student, Jocelyn Phillips (12).
We’re confident of achieving a bright future through Chavez Connects where we can have a fun and safe environment for everyone!