Mrs. Rodgers Backpack Donation

Aaron Kolomvotos

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Mrs. Rodgers will be donating backpacks to homeless people at St. Mary’s Homeless Shelter. I sat down with Mrs. Rodgers recently and discussed her backpacks for the Homeless campaign. I talked to her about the inception of this project and Mrs. Rodgers responded with, “it all started with a current event during a class assignment and we watched videos about homeless people.” This is when the students started getting ideas and asked to do this donation.

Students will be donating jackets and backpacks at the St. Mary’s Homeless Shelter in the near future. The packs will be filled with basic needs for the homeless such as toothbrushes, clothes, and food. Mrs. Rodgers made it clear that this was a student lead project.  Her students came to her and wanted to help people in need and donate backpacks. Their class will be donating as much as they can, it’s all about how many students want to help out with this donation. 

Currently the class is still accepting donations.  About 10 to 15 students have volunteered to donate.  It’s great to see Mrs. Rodgers and her class help out the people of Stockton that are in dire need of assistance. 

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