Kimberly’s 15 Seconds

Diana Garcia, Reporter

The 15 minutes is a car accident role played by Cesar Chavez student. Kimberly Parra got to see first hand the event and consequences that come from such a horrific experience. She was in the DUI car, so she was part of the cause for the whole thing. Kimberly has two sisters. She’s also a stage manager, loves bad jokes, and Alexander Hamilton. Kimberly hopes to show people with this event that drunk driving is very serious and it brings a lot of devastation to everyone.

Kimberly Parra being attended at the crash scene
Kimberly Parra being attended at the crash scene

One of the people that took this and got something out of it was one of Cesar Chavez’s World History/L&O teacher, Mr. Apilado. He saw the role played crash before and he found it very inspiring. He hopes students take the incident serious because its not funny when it really happens. He liked the idea of people going out on a retreat to plan a very lifelike process. Its so realistic that some people even cry.

In the car accident a group of students go out after drinking and crash into another car with students that weren’t drinking, they had just planned to go out and chill. There were many that got injured and some didn’t even make it. Kimberly has had this happen to her in real life, so she connected very deeply into this. She learned to to be dub because everything has a consequence. You shouldn’t take people for granted, you never know what’s going to happen next. So cherish everyone around you.