The Great Yoda

Victoria Franco, Reporter

He’s small, he’s fierce, he’s ready to sniff any drug’s, he’s Yoda! Yoda, a Jack Russell, was brought into the Advanced Journalism class by our very own Stockton Unified School District Police Officer, Curtis Jue. Having small dogs for the Stockton Unified School District K-9 Program comes with many benefits.

Yoda can fit into the small spaces that many larger dog’s would struggle to get into. For example, in tight spaces Yoda is able to move around comfortable, and a lot quicker. He can also be kept in a small cage with enough room in the back of the squad car. With a bigger dog these things would be more complicated due to their size, weight,and height.

Officer Jue explained, “His size affects his performance in a positive way.”

This Jack Russell is very unique, and has his own way of doing things. For instance, most dog’s who sniff drugs or gun’s tend to bark and go crazy. However, Yoda stays quiet and keep himself on the exact spot where the odor is coming from. He is also different when it comes to being rewarded for his good deeds. Most dog’s would want a bone or something along the lines of food after they have done something good, but Yoda prefers something different. His favorite and only rewarded he enjoys getting is a tennis ball on a string. One of the most interesting things about Yoda is how the relaxes. You know he is relaxed when he is listening to country music.

Officer Jue stated, “Oh he just loves country music, and Bruno Mars.”

Yoda comes with many benefits that could help the K-9 team. For example. since he is only 3 to 4 years old he is easier to train. Also, Yoda knows that even if he is at home he will not receive any special treatment. This keeps this Jack Russell focused. It was really fascinating to know that Yoda can distinguish what his dog collars mean. For instance, he knows that his green collar is signifying that he is at work. This shows how intelligent Yoda is.

Officer Jue said, “Every dog is different, and has their own personality.”