Back to School Night 2014

Back to School Night has always been an event where members of your family go to your school to meet your new teachers to be informed on what you will be learning throughout the school year. Yesterday August 21, 2014 back to School Night took place at 6:30 p.m. Many agree that the night was a success. It was clear that various teachers and parents got along. It was said by one of the sophomore’s parents that Mr. Perovich’s class was the best and others said Mr. Freeman had a well-organized presentation prepared.

Back to school night in elementary school it’s great because your parents get to meet your whole class in which is who you will spend the whole school year with. In high school it is quite different you have to travel to different class rooms to see different teachers. Most students at CCHS only go expecting snacks or extra credit. Other students and parents on the other hand might like to keep in contact with their teachers in case of any misbehavior occurring that they would like to be informed of.

It seems that in high school things change with Back to School Night. Most students don’t even attend events like these because parents don’t feel the obligation to get involved in their students education anymore or students don’t inform their parents about the event in fear of getting in trouble for various reasons.

When surveying a sophomore English class the day of back to school night, about four of twenty-seven students said they were planning on attending 2014’s Back to School Night. The majority of them admitted only coming for the extra credit or to simply just hang out with friends.

Seril Galloway admits, “I only come to see what my teachers thinks of me and for the extra credit given in my classes.”

A senior English class was also surveyed, where only about ten of thirty-four students were attending this year’s back to school night. One student admitted only coming to see Ms. Hanna’s chinchillas. In high school many students do not care for events like this anymore. Some say that they wish their parents could attend a whole day of school to see what it is like and also to see what students go through on a daily basis.