Lets Show Some Spirit for the CCHS Ralley!

We should all be excited to attend the ralley, so lets have some fun at the school ralley!

The school’s ralley is a huge event that most students like to attend. It’s where all the students get together to go to the ralley. You will see banners, decorations, and all the people participating in the ralley, showing school spirit. You will also see so many people full of energy, and ready for the homecoming game.

“Loud, excitement, entertainment”

— Serenity Boldwen

Students at Cesar Chavez High School feel that rallies are amusing to have everyone come together as a family. Everybody has a good time cheering and yelling. They all want to show some titan’s spirit.

They are okay, but kind of boring, don’t really get into it.”

— Cassandra Villavazo

Some student don’t enjoy the rallies because they don’t feel the school spirit. They just want to talk to their friends and not listen or see on what’s going on. They do not get the meaning of the rallies.

“I guess yeah I am going to participate because i am going to support my school ”

— Ellie Hernandez

Most students have a strong emotion towards their school, and feel the need to support it. They also like to show their school spirit,and be proud to go to this school.

“Yes I am planing on participating because i get out of class ”

— Victor Villanueva

Students who go to rallies just to get out of class, just go to rallies to waste time. They do not really care about the school spirit but just care in wasting time with thier friends.

In our opinion, we think everybody should be excited to go to the school ralley. We should all show school spirit. Is is the time to get out of class and be pump up for the homecoming game. When you enter the gym, you will see that it is full of people cheering and being excited. So everybody should show CCHS spirit and be proud to be a titan.