The Hippies come out on Wednesday

The leadership which is the spirit week committee chose hippie day for our spirit week. Itss been chosen for so many years.

It’s been around since the first year this school has started probably”

— leadership

one of the leadership has said.

Hippie day is basically showing love and peace around the world.

Hippie day is so special to some of us because it represents how people were dressed back than. Our family, such as our grandparents and ancestors were dressed as hippies. Dressing as hippies reminds us how our family members were dressed. Cesar Chavez High School students  brought hippie to our school as our spirit week. Hippie was very popular back in the 1960’s.

We dress as hippies for our spirit week because it’s part of our homecoming spirit week. Hippie day gives us students spirit points, five credit points for anyone who is dressed. Some schools do it differently. The class with the most people participating on spirit week get points.

Hippies were very popular back in the 60’s”

— guy from internet

a guy on the internet has said.

Now hippie has changed a lot. People don’t bathe and some are potheads. Hippie is all about love and peace. They took the movement out of the coffee shops and on the campuses around the world. 

On hippie day, most students were dressed in colorful clothings, headbands, and earned their points for the spirit week.