CCHS Class Cliques

Ariana Montgomery and Giovanny Gonzalez

This week we’ve had Spirit Week because of homecoming. We (my partner and I) chose the spirit day Class Cliques because it seemed fun and I thought getting pictures for each grade level would be fun. The Freshman were dressed as nerds, the Sophomores were preps, the Juniors were rebels and the Seniors were jocks and cheerleaders. Sadly, not a lot of people participated but the ones that did.. Good job!

While we were out taking pictures, we noticed that the juniors had the most school spirit, followed closely by the freshman and seniors. The sophomores on the other hand didn’t show as much spirit. Come on sophomores, we need to step our game up!

Not only did the students participate but the teachers did to! Today Mr. Nelson came on the announcment and told us which SLC teachers had the most spirit, which ended up in them getting free breakfast. It was a tie between Health & Science and CAPA. Goob job for participating teachers but next year… I want CT to win.