Dance Show

Makeup Time

Oh my gosh. Today’s the dance show. Yesterday’s dress rehearsal was hot, boring, and tiring. My dances are all the way at the end. So I was basically falling asleep the whole time. It was nice and warm until I got backstage, then it was just hot. Only having one dance to change in is hard, but I managed to do it. Susan on the other hand, got in place on stage right when the music started. So, it was pretty funny. What made me mad was that I really just forgot my water bottle at home yesterday. It was so hot, so I drank the warm water fountain water.  Eww. The dances to me just do everything the last dance show did. So it’s nothing new. Our dance is the cutest. It’s cheesy. I heard people on the side of the stage talking about my shirt for my it her dance. They said something about the name I put on the back. But I didn’t care. I think I made my shirt cute. It’s slit in the back and front, three diamonds on my chest and two diamonds on the sleeves of a black t shirt. I did pretty good for cutting up a shirt to make it look cute. My dad picked me and Susan up when we were done. Right after our dances were over, we changed and we was gone! My dad always brings his best friend with him everywhere. So Butch, our dog, was obviously in the front seat of the truck when he pulled up. We went to my house and went in my room. Everyone was home. My mom, uncle, sister, and her boyfriend. That’s our usual. Susan’s sister called her to tell her to go to her house. After she left, we all went to subway and the store. When we got home, we ate and had fun. It was a perfect ending for a long day. Oh, and I had to stay up late for my girlfriend to finally get there.