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Good times with my girlfriend

Antonio Arteaga, Reporter

December 30, 2015

My girlfriends name is Lizette Padilla. She is 16 years old is a junior, and goes to Lincoln high school. We have been together for almost two years. She is so great and amazing we have some great times together, even though i...

Things I Like About Nienna

Xitlali Parada, Reporter

December 30, 2015

Nienna Willingham, who I often call gallina, is an amazing person. She is an even more amazing and astounding girlfriend. Weirdingham (another nickname I created for her) is kind-hearted, funny, smart, joyous, and friendly. Although...

Dance Show

Jasmine Pollock, Reporter

May 26, 2014

Oh my gosh. Today's the dance show. Yesterday's dress rehearsal was hot, boring, and tiring. My dances are all the way at the end. So I was basically falling asleep the whole time. It was nice and warm until I got backstage, then...

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