Get away from me

I just want to be in dance class

I don’t even know where to start. This blog thing has kind of been my diary for the past few days and today isn’t going to be any different. Samantha and I broke up like a week or two ago and we’ve still been talking like we care and love each other. Little did I know, she’s been talking to the girl that broke us up for a month before. I already had a huge feeling that she was talking to her. I shouldn’t say was because she’s all about her now. It’s like she says one thing and means the other. We used to fight and argue on our phones during class, then when she sees me, she’ll come up to me and act like nothing happened. There’s just a whole bunch of things that she did, and does, to make me want to punch her. Right in her face. It’s like I hate her, then I love her. I know she isn’t the right person, but she’s the only one who didn’t like me for just my butt. She does things behind my back and then thinks I’m dumb enough not to find out sooner or later. She treats me like I’m nothing, then loves me with all her heart. I’m sick and tired of her, but I can’t help myself of thinking that I can help her. I can’t help myself of thinking she’ll change for me. I can’t stop myself from loving and caring for her even though she did things I would’ve never thought she would do to me. I did nothing but give her all my love and attention. That’s why I don’t want to move on. I gave her my everything and I don’t want that to happen all over again. ┬áRepeatedly. So that’s why I love dance. It erases my memory every time. It makes me happy and relaxed. I can’t wait for her to get off my mind today. And it’s my birthday in two days.