Influenced By Teacher


Thank you teachers

Vincent Harris, Reporter

The greatest influence that I have had in my educational life has been Mrs. Larocque at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, CA. She put effort and time in teaching music and leading the fourth and fifth grade choir. There are many reasons why she is my favorite teacher of all times, but there is not enough space to share all of these, so I will share three reasons. First, she had the characteristics of a Christian. Second, she made learning music fun. Finally, she gave her all into teaching her students.

One reason why Mrs. Larocque was my favorite teacher is because of her characteristics of being a Christian. She was always kind, thoughtful, and generous. She continually listened to what we had to say. At the end of each class, if time permitted and if there were people who wanted to, we would have a little show and tell time. Being that we were attending a music class, the only things that we could show and tell were things we were dealing with.

Another reason why Mrs. Larocque was a favorite of mine was because she made learning music fun. It did not matter whether we were in a portable classroom, with space limited, or in an actual room in the building, where we had plenty of room to move around. Mrs. Larocque has always said that we should always aim to be our best in and out of school and ever since then I have strived to do my best no matter what we are doing. She has helped me in different situations even after I passed her class. She would help me even if she was busy with another class she is teaching. Mrs. Larocque  has influenced me to always be my best and to help other people around me.

Throughout her teaching she has always put in time and effort into making sure that everyone understood what they were learning and if they had trouble she would put us into groups so we can help each other as a class. My favorite teacher criticized us but never demeaned us. She wasn’t above a public dressing down if one of us failed to turn in an assignment or pay attention in class or do our best. But she never attacked us personally, she always knew what our best was, and she never asked for more than that or accepted less.

Mrs. Larocque was an excellent, fabulous teacher. She has made an impact on my life, and by her doing so, I hope that I can pass the same qualities on to children I will be teaching. She had characteristics of a Christian, she made music fun to learn and enjoy, and finally she made music fun by directing a fourth and fifth grade choir. Thank you Mrs. Larocque , for the impact you have had on my life.