Leaving campus for lunch

Antonio Arteaga, Writer

Do you think we should be able to leave campus for lunch?

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Our school lunch is very limited. We don’t have as many privileges as do other schools. We have a half an hour lunch and we are limited to and confined to the campus. We should have some leniency towards our school lunch. So I believe we should be able to leave campus for our lunch. It will really lift up students spirits.

Many teachers and other school staff don’t want to allow  us to leave campus for lunch, because they think we will ditch or come back late to class. But what they don’t know is that there are many responsible students at school that will not skip and will come back in time.

What I think should be done to make both the students and the school staff happy is to have some guidelines on who will be able to leave campus for lunch. The students who would be eligible to go would be seniors and juniors and you have to have at least a 2.4 GPA to be able to leave campus. These are reasonable guidelines for students to follow, and for the school staff to allow us to leave campus for lunch.

Lastly we deserve to leave school for lunch we have such a short and constraint lunch. That is why we should be allowed to at least go a couple blocks down to the nearest restaurant and enjoy our lunch there.

“I wouldn’t mind going off campus for lunch because I will still come back to school””

— Ferline Ayo, junior