Homecoming Queen Candidates

Jessica Rosales and Cesar Celio

Five girls wait anxiously for this moment,  homecoming coronation night. Hearts pumping and smiles shining, they all wait  for the big announcement. Families, friends, and family’s friend all sit in the bleachers with their fingers crossed. Who will have the honor to represent Cesar Chavez as the 2015 homecoming queen?

The candidates for this year’s homecoming queen were Kristy Vang, Kassandra Gonzalez, Samantha Vazquez, Karolina Molina, and Jasmine So.  These five girls, incredibly unique in their own ways, have one thing in common. These young ladies are all active in multiple clubs and extra-curricular activities.

" I want to find a career that really suits me," Vazquez says.
” I want to find a career that really suits me,” Vazquez says.

Samantha Vazquez, CAPA, representing Student Government during homecoming week was interviewed first. Like the other girls and even the kings, Vazquez simply wanted to represent our school and in reality just wanted to have fun. As most students do, she wishes to attend a university in the fall of 2016. Sammy has big hopes to achieve a career doing something creative and exciting.

Kassandra small
“Live the life you love, and love the life you live,” Kassandra says.

We also got the chance to interview Kassandra Gonzalez, Law & Order, who was representing her club MESA. Kassandra is also active in many other clubs for example, Avid, Titan Rockers, CSF, ACADEC, and she also plays basketball during the winter. Gonzalez enjoyed campaigning, making posters, and passing out candy with her friends by her side to support her.

Unfortunately, we did not get the honor to interview Karolina and Jasmine, but we know that they did a great job of decorating the halls with their beautiful pictures and posters. Karolina was representing Los Danzantes De Cesar Chavez, but it also active in the CCHS color guard. So was representing National Honors Society.

The last girl we interviewed was the queen herself, Kristy Vang. Kristy was nominated for the title by the club Friday Night Live. Vang is a CAPA student who is active in student government and is also the Senior class president. She enjoyed campaigning and promoting herself around our campus all through the week.

"Campaigning was fun," Vang said. " I liked being known.
“Campaigning was fun,” Vang said. ” I liked being known.”

When the moment came, the drum roll played and we all froze. All the girls were holding hands and the winner was announced. Kristy Vang. Despite their loss, all the girls were happy which made it obvious that win or lose, they were all happy to be a part of the 2015 homecoming court. The smiles, the laughter, and the cheers made it a night to remember for all five candidates.

Congratulations Kristy Vang and to the other girls who also deserved to win the homecoming queen title.