The Subway System

This past week i went to go eat a very well know fast food place known as subway. When i was there i had a foot long sandwich with ham, cheese, turkey, mayo, lettuce with sourdough bread baked with a side drink of sprite.

Personally i think subway is a great place to get a sandwich for cheap price. most fast food places you can tell if the meat is fried or in some cases FAKE. in this case the food is right in front of you so you can the person over the counter make your food. I recommend the sandwiches at this place at a very high rate. i have ate her several times before this past week. you cant count on a good sandwich and great customer service while your there.

There are many locations to subway you can go down holman and turn right into the 99 cent store or you can go down march lane and turn into that super center and it will be on your right hand side.

so when your either on your road trip or your hungry on your way home from a long day at work why not stop by subway and grab a 5 dollar sandwich and a drink!

What do you like on your sandwich?

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