How Do You Feel About Girls Wearing Shorts That Are to Short?

Victoria Franco, Editor

In school many girls wear shorts, because of hot weather. These girls most of the time have extremely short shorts. Many times you can see female body parts that sh0uld not be visible on school property. These girls wearing short shorts are violating our school dress code. What schools need to do is put a stop to these girls, and they need to have consequences.

When girls decided to wear shorts that are to short, they should be forced to change. CSM’s should make these girls call home to get other clothes. If they can not reach anyone then they need to sit in M1 for the whole day. The next time they decided to wear these shorts they can have detention. These students can have detention until they decided to wear appropriate clothing.

Some people may say it is their choice if they want to wear shorts that are to short. That they should not be forced to change. Although these people are right, they do have a choice on what to wear, they are not allowed to violate school rules. It is against school policy for girls shorts to be to short. Girls can not wear clothing that is provocitive.

Girls wearing short shorts is not acceptable! There needs to be punishments for them. School administration should enforce these rules.