Ready For Love? Part 3

Victoria Franco, Reporter

Part 3 : Will Things Be Official For Victoria and Derek?

When Victoria turned around she saw Derek standing there with a smile on his face.

“There you are!” Victoria said.

As Derek started walking towards the stairs to sit down Victoria noticed Derek was holding something behind his back. Before she had a chance to ask Derek what was he holding behind his back.

Derek said,”Victoria can I ask you a question?”

Victoria started feeling nervous again,with butterflies in her stomach. “Yes sure, anything.” she said.

“Well I’ve been wanting to ask you this for awhile now… Victoria will you be my girlfriend?

Victoria started blushing and a huge grin was on her face she had never been this nervous before , “Yes! Of course I’ll be your girlfriend!” she said happily.

As soon as Victoria said yes Derek pulled out a red rose from behind his back and gave it to Victoria, “Just for you” he said.

Derek and Victoria hugged for a long time, they were both very happy to finally be together.

On October 4,2012 Derek Cham and Victoria Franco officially became a couple. This day would be unforgettable for the two new love birds. It would be a new start of happiness for both Derek and Victoria. None of them had ever thought they would finally be together, not just as friends, but as a couple.

Time Ahead; 3 months later.

Victoria sat at the B building stairs by her self thinking of everything that had happened between her and Derek in the last three months since they had became a couple. So many memories were running through her mind both good times and bad times.

Was it a good thing that Victoria was remembering her memories with Derek, or was it a bad thing?

Come back next Wednesday to see what happens!