Get connected, stay connected

Luisa Arriola, Reporter

Now a days your hear about all these socializing websites. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, Yahoo and much more. Not only do students socialize over the Internet, but on every day life,like at school for example.

Junior, Isabel Contreras; “I spend a lot of time on Facebook talking to my friends” she says.

It is very easy to get in touch with some if they are far away all you do is search their name and “Boom” you’re talking to your long lost friend. It is just that simple to get connected and stay connect with others we know or get to know due to these sites.

Students socialize at school in the morning when they get to school, during classes, at lunch, and after school almost every second they get to interact with someone else during the day. They can’t go a day with out socializing with someone because they either need to tell their friends about something important that recently happened or because they are those very social people who can’t go a day with out speaking to someone.

Social network have millions of people using their site for personal communication with friends, family, co workers, other for other stuff. Another we students get to interact with one another by school projects which could be either fun or boring it all depends on you to get to spend time with.

The first things students do 90% of the time is to say something to someone else. there are plenty of forms of socializing at school. doing a group project, being with friends, posting things on a social network while in school.

Senior, Francisco Arriola, socializes at school by being with friends and talking in the morning when he arrives to school.

“I get to school and immediately start a conversation with someone” he said.

There are a lot of socializing sites. people get connected every day.