Ready For Love? Part 2

Victoria Franco, Reporter

Part 2: Developed Feelings

Derek and Victoria started hanging out together after school everyday! They were to shy to admit it, but they both wanted to be with each other at all times. Derek and Victoria were constantly flirting.

When they would walk to their hang out spot, the stairs at the B building, Victoria would push Derek playfully and Derek would grab her and hug her tightly each time. At the stairs they would tell each other about their day, or talked about any problems they were having. Both of them listened to one another carefully when it was their turn to listen. It showed they respected each other.

One day Derek showed Victoria to play Flow, a game on his phone. He found it cute when she couldn’t figure out what to do on the game. Sometimes they were silent, but it was never an awkward silence. During these silent moments Derek would say, “I have a crush on this girl.” He would never say who it was though. It made Victoria both happy and sad. Could it be her? Or was it another girl?”

When it was time for one of them to leave they would get very sad. Derek and Victoria hated saying goodbye to each other. Before one of them left they would give each other long hugs.

After a month of constantly hanging out together Derek told Victoria before he left, ” Tomorrow after school meet me at our spot I have to ask you something very important!”

All evening Victoria thought about what Derek was going to ask her. She went to school that day anxious for school to end so she could meet up with Derek. When 2:15 came she rushed to their spot and sat their waiting for Derek.

“Hey there you are !”

Victoria turned around and saw…

Come back next Wednesday to see what the question was.