CCHS Oracle Halloween Issue

In what way do you connect with family and friends?

Guadalupe Corona, Reporter

November 9, 2015

Many people find different ways of connecting with friends and family all around the world. What better way to connect with them than to communicate through social media. There's hundreds of ways to do that, but the most used...

Ball is life, but which baller is your favorite?

Ky'Tavia 'Yung Ky' Stafford, Writer

November 8, 2015

As the popular motto states, "Ball is life!" and it's pretty evident that the sports world is a dominant industry. The competition, exclusive talent, drama and laughs make sports the front runner of entertainment across the world....

Places chosen in Stockton

Matthew Mak and Lo Saepahn, Authors

October 13, 2013

We chose places in Stockton that people usually go to, to have fun, hangout and eat. The places we chose were fast food places, mall, starbucks, school, the movies, park and other general fun places that students would go to....

Trick or Treat News for the Titans