NFL Championship Games Review


Aaron Kolomvotos

Two more games left and four teams remain to get the opportunity to play in this year’s Super Bowl. Let’s see how the games turned out and see who will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Titans v. Chiefs – The Titans are riding in hot with an excellent running game with Derrick Henry. The Titans would start off the game great scoring a touchdown and kicking a field goal to go up 10-0. The Chiefs though, would just be too unstoppable to handle. Patrick Mahomes would go on for 3 touchdown passes in the first half and the Titans scored a touchdown as well to put the score 21-17 at the end of the half. No team would score in the 3rd quarter, but going into the 4th it could be anyone’s game. The Chiefs would score two more touchdowns and it would be too much for the Titans to overcome. The Chiefs would win with a score of 35-24 and Patrick Mahomes, who has been amazing in the playoffs, would lead his team to the Super Bowl. Can the Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid win a Super Bowl? The last time they won the Super Bowl was in 1970, over 50 years ago.

Packers v. 49ers – After the Packers beat the Seahawks they would have to take on another NFC West team in a rematch from week 12, the 49ers. The 49ers started right off against the Packers with a strong running attack behind Raheem Mostert. The Niners defense once again proved too strong for Aaron Rodgers to overcome. The Packers scored 0 points in the first half and the Niners would put 27 points up as Mostert would have a hat trick of rushing touchdowns. In the 2nd half, the Packers would show a little life scoring 3 touchdowns, but it would not be enough. The Niners continued to run the ball with Mostert as he racked up his 4th rushing touchdown of the game. The final score would be 37-20 and the Niners would advance to the Super Bowl yet again in their long history of Super Bowls as a team. Jimmy Garoppolo only had to throw the ball 8 times and a monster game from Raheem Mostert with 4 tds and 220 rushing yards. The 49ers are headed back to the Super Bowl and are on the quest for championship number 6. The last time the 49ers made the Super Bowl was in 2013, 7 years ago.