NFL Divisional Round Games Review

NFL Divisional Round Games Review

Aaron Kolomvotos

Another week of great football has passed. The divisional round is over and now only 4 teams remain to contain a shot at this year’s Super Bowl. Let’s see what went down over the weekend.

Vikings v. 49ers – After the Vikings beat the Saints in a thriller upset, they take on another tough opponent in the 49ers. The first drive of the game for the Niners they went straight down the field to score a touchdown and the Vikings would answer back with a touchdown of their own. Then after that, it would be all Niners for the rest of the game, as they just pounded the ball over 40 times and played great defense to hold the Vikings to only 10 points. The 49ers would score a couple more touchdowns to bring the final score of 27-10, as the Niners win dominantly. The 49ers are headed to the NFC Championship.

Titans v. Ravens – The Titans are coming off a huge win over the defending champs, the Patriots, and now will have to take on the best team in the NFL the Baltimore Ravens. The Titans would score a touchdown in the 1st quarter as the Ravens did nothing. In the 2nd quarter, the Titans would get another touchdown and the Ravens would get a pair of field goals to bring the score 14-6 going into the half. The Ravens offense was nowhere to be found and defensively they could not stop the red hot Derrick Henry. Henry would run all over the Ravens defense and get would a passing touchdown too. He became the first back in NFL history to surpass 180 rushing yeards in three straight games. Quarterback Lamar Jackson would struggle to move the ball. Even though he threw for 365 yards and 143 yards rushing, they would only score 12 points all game. The Ravens and Lamar Jackson came up short again in the playoffs, as the Titans would go on to win the game 28-12 and are headed to the AFC Championship.

Texans v. Chiefs – The Texans are coming off an overtime win against the Bills and the Texans would start off hot. Their scoring started out with a touchdown on their first drive, getting a blocked punt for a touchdown, and after Tyreek Hill muffed a punt, the Texans would recover a score for another touchdown. All of this would happen in the 1st quarter as the Texans went up on the Chiefs 21-0.  However, going into the 2nd quarter it couldn’t get any more shocking. The Chiefs, after being down 24-0 with the added field goal would go on to score 28 unanswered points and make it 28-24 going into the half. The Texans would struggle, but they score a touchdown as that’s it. The Chiefs stay hot as they score 26 more points in the game to bring the final score of 51-31. Patrick Mahomes would put up 5 touchdowns and 321 passing yards, as the Chiefs are headed back to the AFC Championship.

Seahawks v. Packers – The Seahawks came to take on the Packers after beating the Eagles in the wildcard. The Packers started off strong scoring 3 touchdowns in the first half and holding the Seahawks to just only 3 points. Seattle would come out of the half great scoring 2 touchdowns and the Packers would start to cool down, but they did score a touchdown to bring the score 28-17 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Russell Wilson who has been great all year brought the game closer with a score of 28-23 and all they had to do is stop the Packers and get the ball back. However Aaron Rodgers would make some incredible throws on two 3rd down plays. The Packers would just barley get the first down and then run the clock out to win the game 28-23. Who knows what might have happened if that play wasn’t a 1st down. Now the Packers are headed to the NFC Championship.