A Sit Down With Mr. Garibay, the New Girls’ JV Soccer Coach


Elisa Acevedo

Mr. Garibay has been a teacher here at Chavez for three years now. He has taught world history honors and ethnic studies. Last year he decided to take on a new role at Cesar Chavez High as the girls JV soccer coach. Mr. Garibay recently found time from his busy schedule to sit and speak with the Oracle staff. 


Q: What inspired you to become a soccer coach?

A: “ I really enjoy being active and I grew up playing soccer with my family. My dad would also take me to watch the games, so soccer was a huge part of my life growing up.”

Q: Have you ever coached before?

A: “I have never coached before but hopefully it will be a good learning experience for me and the players, we will make mistakes and have to learn from them.”

Q: How do you like coaching so far?

A: “ I really enjoy it because I am an educator in the classroom but a coach on the field. It really allows me connect with my students outside of the classroom.”

Q: Is it what you expected?

A: “It is actually harder than I expected it to be. I have balance out my time of teaching and coaching, especially because I have to attend meetings and grade papers.”

Q: What are the struggles of being a teacher and a coach?

A: “ The hardest part would have to be managing my time between coaching and grading papers, there is also less time for me to do my lesson plans.”

Q: While handling teaching and coaching do you have any free time? If so how do you use that time?

A: “I am always surrounded with other people so when I get some free time I like to use it on myself. I usually watch movies, play video games, or go shopping.”

Q: You have been described as a really chill person by students… What happened at the Linden game that made you lose your cool?

A: “At the game vs Linden the girls were just playing like crap and it was starting to make me angry, they had no ball control and weren’t playing well so I decided to snap the clipboard on my leg to make a statement.”