Why the Warriors Should Trade for Anthony Davis


Aaron Kolomvotos

Anthony Davis’s agent Rich Paul has announced that Davis will not resign with the New Orleans Pelicans and wants to be traded. Davis said that he wont resign with any other team as it would be a one year rental. He wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and to team up with LeBron James either right now or wait until 2020 to do it. But I do think that there are some teams that could resign Davis and the Warriors are one of them. Even through the Warriors have 5 all stars in their lineup and don’t need Davis it has been speculated that Demarcus Cousins will not be returning.  However, if the Warriors want to extend their dynasty, then getting Davis would be an ideal move.

Her is the way the Warriors could end up with Davis and what they should give up to complete the deal. The most probable trade would have the Warriors receiving Anthony Davis while the Pelicans would get Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston, Jordan Bell, and a 2019 1st round pick. As the Pelicans get an all star in return with Green and good veteran with Livingston, and a good young player in Jordan Bell who has shown some great skills, but could be better with more playing time. This would lead to the Warriors starting 5 of  Curry, Thompson, Davis, Durant, and Cousins in a deathly lineup that could possibly never lose a game. The wild card will be if the Warriors can work out resigning Cousins after the season and work out a contract with free agent Klay Thompson. 

However, the likeliness of this trade working out in the end is not good as Davis wants to go to the Lakers and win a championships alongside LeBron. This then leads to another rumor circulating  through the NBA, which is that if the Lakers acquire Davis then Klay Thompson would in interested leaving the Warriors to join the Lakers. Will they  offer him a max contract to make the switch though. If chance were to happen and Klay doesn’t resign with the Warriors, that would also clear up cap space for enough to resign Cousins to a deal. With that the Warriors would still have a deadly lineup, but without splash brother Klay as the 2nd best shooter in the NBA.