Tips on Trying Out for a New Team


CCHSOracle Staff

Trying out for a high school sport is part of a student-athlete’s way of life.

Elisa Acevedo

Trying out for a new sport can be very nerve racking, here are some tips to help impress the coaches and make trying out easier.

The first tip is to arrive early, you always want to make sure that you are not late. Coaches do not want players that can not be on time. It frustrates them and usually you end up running an extra lap to pay for it. Just make sure to manage your time and prepare your gear the day before so you are already ready to go without the need to rush.  A good rule of thumb would be to always be 15 minutes early, then you don’t have to worry about surprises making you late. 

The next tip is to be a ‘coach-able’ player. The coaches are there to teach you, not the other way around. Try not to argue or go against what they are telling you. Listening and taking the advice that they give you shows them that you are a respectful player and are willing to learn new things. Coaches also love an athlete that can be a leader. Leading the team doesn’t exactly mean that you have to be a captain, but acknowledging your team and encouraging them to work hard or by setting a good example for the team can make you a great leader.

The next thing is attitude. If something or someone is bothering you on the team, don’t have a fit and complain to get your way. Instead, be mature like the young adult you are, and talk to you coach about the problem. this shows that you have good sportsmanship, another key for coaches.

Now for the biggest thing, effort. Showing effort is such a big deal because coaches love a hard working athlete. Having little or no effort just makes you look lazy and takes away from you doing the best that you can. If you make a mistake, hustle and continue going. If a coach sees you doing all of these things, they will see that you are a hard working, dedicated athlete and that you could possibly earn a spot on the team.