The Rise of the Diaz Brothers

Nate and Nick Diaz rise through MMA has represented Stockton well.

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Nate and Nick Diaz rise through MMA has represented Stockton well.

David Garcia, Author

Stockton is a small city in California which compared to Los Angeles doesn’t really stand out. But their are people that represent Stockton and make our city known in MMA fighting and they are the Diaz Brothers, Nate and Nick Diaz.

Starting with the older brother Nick Diaz who got into mixed martial arts at a young age during his teen years. He made his debut in 2001 when he won his first fight against Mike Wick with a triangle choke submission at IFC Warriors Challenge just after his 18th birthday. From then on he continued fighting in multiple events and against many opponents. He puts in hard work with his trainers, coaches, and most importantly his brother who was by his side from the very beginning. However, Nate wouldn’t stay on the side lines forever.

Nate Diaz, the younger brother, started training in mixed martial arts at the age of 11 with his brother and from then on he was always helping with his fighting career. Nate then began his career in 2006 where he participated and won matches in WEC 24. He then got into the UFC after he won the new reality TV show, Ultimate Fighter. Once in the UFC he worked his way up to fighting one of the biggest fights in UFC history against Conor McGregor in 2016. Nate accepted the fight after McGregor’s other opponent had been injured and agreed to the fight with just barely two weeks of preparation. Nate won the fight with a submission in the second round making McGregor tap out which started one of the biggest rivalries and has now become one of the most fan requested fights.

The Diaz Brothers are different from other fighters while they go off the scripts, the Diaz Brothers speak their mind whenever they want. They connect with fans, work with new members of there gym in Stockton, and love representing Stockton with each fight. The Diaz Brothers are the biggest names from Stockton and are showing people anyone can make it even from a small city in California.