Track and field Profile Serenity

When being asked “What has being on the track team taught you?” Serenity said ‘It taught me how to never give up and aswell to strive for greatness.” She said that she really likes her teammates, that they are amazing and she enojys working with them. Serenity participates in 200, 400, and relays, the 4 by 1 and also the 4 by 4. She tells me her usual routine to get prepared for a race is drinking a lot of water, and stretching. During races the only thing that goes threw her head is to win and finish strong! She said other students that never tried track and field should really give it a shot it is not only fun but it also helps you get in shape ,so you get a better body and stay healthy!! “Act as though it is impossible to fail” is Serenitys favorite quote.