Alexis Plasencia Going above His Limits

Cesar Chavez High School Men’s Golf.

Alexis Plasencia is 16 years old in the Environmental Engineering SLC, playing Men’s Golf at Cesar Chavez High School. Plasencia has been playing golf for two years. His role model is Alexis Sanchez a soccer player for Barcelona.

“I was influenced by my step-dad because, he always took me to the golf course with him and got me playing games and I automatically grew attached to the sport,” says Plasencia.

Plasencia’s other hobbies other than playing golf is playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and hanging out with his friends. He’s very active. To keep himself motivated, Plasencia has a “motivational playlist” of music on his phone, which he listens to, to keep himself going and to never give up. In order to keep himself fit, Plasencia enjoys weight training, and drink protein shakes. His main goal is to play a perfect game.

“My favorite motivational quote is ‘How can the sky be the limit, when there are footprints on the moon?’ – unknown’,” says Plasencia.