Miguel Ortega striving to be the best

Cesar Chavez High School Men’s Golf.

Miguel Ortega is 18 years old, in the Creative and Performing Arts, and plays Golf for Cesar Chavez High School. This year is Ortega’s first year of trying out for golf; he wanted to try something different because he has a lot of time on his hands.

“I tried out for golf because my great grandfather influenced me to play, because I always seen him play, so I thought why not try it out?” says Ortega.

In order to stay motivated, Ortega looks up to his great grandfather. He says he always watches out for him, and make sure he always does his best. His role model is Bob Marley because, he is always happy just like him. . In order to stay fit, Ortega does Mixed Martial Arts.  Other hobbies rather than playing golf, Ortega enjoys playing soccer and wrestling. He also enjoys listening to music, and drawing. His goals are to be the best he can be and make his great grandfather proud.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m overdosing on satisfaction,” says Ortega.