Jordan Stinmen has the spirit

Junior Varsity cheerleader @ Chavez

Jordan Stinmen freshmen at Cesar Chavez high School starts her first year as a Junior Varsity cheerleader.

Stinmen says “being a freshmen and becoming a Jv cheerleader was a great accomplishment for me I never thought that this would all come so easy too me”

“Although its my first year of cheer, I feel like it’s a passion of mine”, says Jordan.

Stinmen says her favorite quote is “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I plan to live by these words throught the rest of high school and adult life.

“Eventhough managing school and cheer can be difficult, school always comes first,” says Jordan.

Jordan Stinemen says “the struggle was real, trying out for cheer, but it was definitely worth it!”