“Maurice Has Talent”

Varsity Basketball player Maurice White number 21 is a great basketball player. He takes risks for his team, in which is his secondary family. He loves to play basketball, constantly he’s thinking about his future as a basketball player. He truly wants to be successful in this sport.

This sport takes skill, patients, listening skills, also talent, and this player brings forth all of the above. He is always trying his best and he has potential to go further in this sport. All he has to do is put his mind to it. This player is very special, and essential to this team, without him they wouldn’t be the same. He works hard, he tries his best and he’s always preforming to his best ability White is very fun to watch he brings the team together and brings the crowed closer to the team.  White says that his favorite team is the Indiana Clippers; his favorite player is Chris Paul. White has a favorite basketball coach in which is coach “K”. Some pressures of being on the team are “making shots and helping the team win” he says. Besides the pressure of missing and making a shot Maurice White is perfectly fine. So cheer on our friend toward success, in the end he will thank you.