Anthony Booker ” Ball Hard”

Anthony Booker, forward on our schools Varsity basketball team is absolutely great at basketball. His number is eleven and he will always be loved and noticed by his fans. His favorite part of being on the team here at CCHS is being on the team with his friends who are also his inspiration. He says that ” The atmoshere brings him happiness”. Booker also tells how failing infront of teammates can be a pressure. Another pressure is not letting your family and teammates down

. This player has a mash up of favorite sport intrests, his  favorite player is Kevin Durant. His favorite team is “The Golden State Worriors”, His favorite UCLA Bruins. Booker’s favorite coach is Mark Jackson of “The Golden State Worriors”. Booker loves basketball so much that all he does is play basketball. One thing he would love to tell his teammates is “Dont be afraid to fail, failures will eventually lead to success.