Justice Harris “Work Hard Play Hard”

Justice Harris is one of the most outgoing players on our schools Varsity Basketball team. Yes, he is a sophomore but he has skills. Justice brings excitement to the court and all his fans love him. He is very determined and Loves to play Basketball; Harris tries his best to stay on top of his game. He says that the most difficult thing about being a Basketball player is having high expectations for the sport, managing school work and practice. His favorite thing about being on the team is playing with his teammates and winning.

Justice Harris is a high spirited person, who has the skills of a superstar; he will be someone big someday. You never know you may even see him on his favorite team “Miami Heat” or maybe even playing equivalent to his favorite player “Kevin Durant.He observes his favorite players and imitates the quality of their skills. He is always willing to drive in and take a risk. he will do anything to help his team win.

He stated that his favorite coach was “Mack Harris” a hard working dedicated coach who always helps his team. Much love is shown to Justice Harris in his journey to becoming a flawless NBA star. Justice says “Work hard and the rest will follow.”