Dennis “The Truth”

Freshman Basketball player Dennis is just an amazing basketball player, he looks up to many of our well known NBA stars. He says his favorite Basketball team is the one and only Miami Heat . Denise is fast on his feet and ready to play. He seems so happy to be out their supporting his team, Dennis says that coach mac is a great coach who inspired him to play basketball. Dennis has help from others who support him, like teammates and family. He hopes to go far in the league of basketball. His skills are just immaculate, and his performance is just astonishing.

This player has the full package he gets along with everyone so he has a lot of fans, no doubt that Dennis miller will make it to a successful college team. Something you may not know about dennis is he tries hard in everything he does he says “why do something and not put your whole heart into it.”

He is very passionate about every sport he plays. Dennis is also one of the teams pretty boys so he draws a bigger audiance for the titans. Dennis is just amazing so let it be known whos boss on the court dennis, you have honestly earned your stripes as a player. so make us proud and keep being great