JV left side hitter goes for the goal

A sophmore named Sharde Santini plays for the JV volleyball team.


A sophmore named Sharde Santini plays the JV volleyball team. She plays the position of the left side hitter. Santini is a hard worker who tries her best in every game even when there is no practice. She has been playing for two years now. Santini considers her team as a family. The people Santini looks up to the most is Opal and Celeste.

Santini Goals are “to do the best I can and to help the team.”

The left side hitter is also called the outside hitter. The left side hitter is the player who carries the serve and mostly attacks on the left side of the court. Sometimes setter play offensive in which outside hitters run to hit balls inside around the middle blockers. The left hitter play both the front row and the back row. To play the left hitter you need a lot of skill in which Santini has.