Alexander Lopez takes action on the field

Cesar Chavez High School freshmen football team

Alexander Lopez is 14 years old in the Freshmen Academy SLC, and plays freshmen football for Cesar Chavez High School as quarter back representing number five. Lopez has recently started playing football this year.

Lopez was influenced by two of his childhood friends.

“I would always watch them play, and one day I wanted to give it a shot,” said Lopez.

Lopez’s role model is Russell Wilson who is the quarter back of the NFL Seattle Seahawks. His favorite NFL Football team is the Minnesota Vikings.

Lopez is extremely excited to play football this year.

“I’m excited because, I actually get to play and not be on the sidelines,” said Lopez.

Lopez’s goals are to become a better player and to make a touchdown. In order to keep himself fit, Lopez runs, lifts weights, and eats lots and lots of seafood. On his spare time other than playing football, he enjoys playing basketball, skateboarding, and hanging out with friends.

“Some expectations I would love to meet are to win a game and to get a scholarship for football,” said Lopez.