Tommy Williams “No Worries”

Tommy Williams, number 10 on our school’s junior varsity football teams says that being on our schools football team helps him keep his focus in school. This player is a very dedicated hard working individual. He is very calm and kicked back; Tommy has shown his dedication through all of his hard work and effort after each year of playing football. Tommy played six years in all. His favorite football team is the Saints and his favorite color is blue. On his spare time he likes to hang out with friends and family, one of his hobbies is basketball.

Tommy is just immaculate in just about any sport he plays, he can be a dominant player anywhere and everywhere. He truly has the potential to be a star player also known as an All Star. He is small but he works like a secret weapon. You will never expect his attacks to be so defining. He practices very hard but he says it is sometimes difficult to make it to practice. Williams has a role model and his name is Randy Moss, who is also his favorite football player. Williams pushes his self to the limit but to others it doesn’t seem like much a struggle, it looks as if it comes naturally. This athlete is truly phenomenal if you watch him play football, basketball, baseball or whatever sport of choice he will dominate in it like a beginner pro would.

Tommy says, “Stay close to your families, because this world is crazy and you never know how long you will have them”.

Number 10 says that he thinks that Deon White, another player on J.V., is one of the hardest working players on the team besides himself. Though some of the responsibilities of being on the team may be hard, he seems to keep up just fine. So when you see Tommy give him a high five, and tell him what a good sport he is. This year may have any outcome but at least you know for Tommy the ending will be great and rewarding.