Randy Moua wants to bring a winning season.

Cesar Chavez High School Freshmen Football receiver Randy Moua wants to bring pride to the team.

Randy Moua is 14 years old, in the Freshmen Academy SLC, and plays freshmen football for Cesar Chavez High School as the receiver and sometimes the line backer. Moua has been playing football for seven years.

“I started playing football because of my dad. He’s always been an inspiration to me,” says Moua. “He’s my role model.”

Moua was influenced by his mother.

“She supports me in everything that I do,” says Moua.

To keep himself motivated, Moua always reminds himself that he wants to make his parents proud of him. To keep himself fit, Moua eats healthy; such as eating fruits, protien bars, and of course woking out everyday at home. His favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers. His hobbies, other than playing football is watching TV at home and hanging out with his friends.

Moua explains, “My goal is to be successful, and hope to make a touch down. My favorite motivational quote is ‘Winning isn’t everything but, wanting to win is’ — unknown,” says Moua. “Before every game the coaches and team gather up and we pray. We pray to bring a winning season to the team.”