Demarcus White #33 “The Strategist”

Damarcus White, #33, running back on the junior varsity football team, has stunned me with his great thinking skills before a game. Damarcus is a model player and is a good example for all of his team mates. White’s goal is to help his team advance and have a winning season. Often before a game Damarcus thinks of various strategies and plays that he may use during the game. He has a great attitude and is always determined to make a mark in Chavez history. Damarcus says that his main focus is to be successful, use execution strategies and make his friends and family proud. White also says that his dad is his role model. White says that after losing a game he feels like he and his team could have done something a little better.

After a win, he focuses on what he could have done to make sure it was a blow out. He is always encouraging others and lifting their spirits.

Damarcus has a favorite football player and his name is Maurice Jones-Drew, #32, on the Jaguars. This player inspires him to be a great player and to always try hard. White says that he loves this player because he reminds him of his self, small and quick.

His favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. He says that this particular team catches his best interest. White’s performance on the field is just outstanding and it also shows in his academics. Damarcus says that the best advice he has heard is “Higher Expectations” and “It all starts in the classroom.” This advice was given by one of his coaches.

In White’s spare time he visits with family members and friends and relaxes at home. He often thinks about football. Damarcus loves traveling and being outdoors and loves doing things beneficial to his performance in football. Everyone can tell by watching White’s actions that he is very dedicated to the sport he loves. We can also tell his is proud to play for our schools junior varsity football team.