Deon White is “The Risk Taker”

Deon White, sophomore, is a part of the junior varsity football team. His jersey number  is 8. He is 15 years old. His favorite team is Ohio state, and his favorite  NFL football player is Randy Moss.

Deon is a very intelligent individual with an amazing personality. When Deon is in the room he lights everything up. His inspiration is his cousin Calvin. Calvin helps support Deon in every activity he does. Deon dreams of being in the NFL one day. He says that if he does not make it as a professional football player he wants to have  his own barbershop. This young man has great leadership qualities and great decision making skills.

Deon has one brother and two sisters, so he is definitely not alone. His family and friends constantly remind him of what a great player he can be. He says that his mom pushes him to work hard in school and in sports.

Deon has been playing football for four years and has realized what a great opportunity he has. He wants a scholarship for football and is currently receiving good grades. Coach Ward is one of White’s favorite coaches. He is one of the coaches who cares about his  team players and wants them to go far in the league of football.

White also goes on to say that he wants a winning season now more than ever. He is ready to do all that is necessary to help out his teammates and coaches. White is ready to take all risks, do things that are on the edge, and just about anything to succeed. Deon white is willing to carry the team on his back.