New Start On The Field

Hello students of CCHS get ready to see the best out of your junior varsity football team. Many players seem ready for a winning season. These players are excited and ready to play. Kevaun Johnson, JV football player says that he plans on having a great season and working hard to impress his family friends and coaches.

Deon White, age 15, also on JV, says that he plans on going pro. Player Tomiwa Ologunduda always says “You have to work hard to be the best.” Coaches, players, and classmates are ready for this season and are expecting to see something great.

A lot of the players have nick names which displays a sense of humor but also a family related quality.

David Aka (Noodle) says that hitting day is the most difficult out of most days.

Dominic Samuel says that balancing grades and sports are two of the most difficult things.

William Lauter claims both conditioning and everyday practice is difficult bu,t “If you have the drive to do something you love, it will result in your happiness.”

Angel Garibay says his job is to make his team better by encouraging his team mates.

The players are helping represent the school spirit and pride, showing every other high school that Chavez Titans are dedicated, motivated, and are ready to give their all this year.

So I encourage everyone to come out and support the JV football team. Many coaches say that they are looking for strategies to help in this season.

Joshua Turner says he loves his team. They feel like family.

Many students feel like the field is where they can get rid of all the stress, it is a positive outlet for the players.