Tennis searches for players

It will be my job to teach them the basics and they will have to work hard to improve.”

— Coach Nguyen

After hearing that their coach, former P.E. teacher at CCHS, Mr. Nguyen, is retiring from coaching Girls’ Tennis, the team members wondered if there would be someone to coach them. A little searching here and there and soon after, a coach was found! Counselor Nguyen, who is also the badminton coach, will be coaching the Girls’ Tennis team for the season.

“It will be a learning experience on both the players and the coach. There are going to be a lot of raw players and it will be my job to teach them the basics and they will have to work hard to improve,” said Nguyen.

As one problem disappears, another one appears. The problem? Finding players. Many of the players from the previous years will not be joining tennis this year due to certain restrictions such as Delta College classes, early release, and AP classes.

“I joined as a sophomore for PE credits, but I ended up returning junior year. I am still contemplating whether or not to play this senior year,” said Nhut-Lan Le, senior.

Although some members are unsure whether or not they would have enough players, it is not stopping their hope for a team. Freshmen players are highly recommended to join since they have three years to work on their skills. If any girls are interested in joining Girls’ Tennis get your physical to Mr. Goedhart, receive your try-out card, and go see Counselor Nguyen for more information on conditioning and practice.