Playing in the spirit of competition

Girls’ golf is in need of additional players.

With school back in session, fall sports have started again, and this means it’s time for Girls’ Golf. Golf is a complete mental game, a battle of wits. Lose concentration for even just a split second, and you can easily lose the match. It is all about focus and repetition, to skills that are great to have in life.

At each meet, the competing schools offer up their six best players to play against each other. But as Coach Perovich has only four players signed up so far, and with the first match of the year on September 5, we may not have a Girls’ Golf team. Unless, that is, Coach Perovich uses his superb persuasive and recruiting skills and manages to round up two more players.

Coach Perovich has said that even if he is unable to obtain two more players, the team will still go to the matches, automatically forfeit at the beginning, but still play in the spirit of the competition. But this means that the Girls’ Golf team will lose every match this year. Should he get just one more player, the team will be able to compete at the meets. When six play, at the end, the coach adds up only the top five scores. So with five players, Coach Perovich will add the five scores together for the final score.

If any girls wish to join, talk to Mr. Perovich in Room A212. Practices are Mon-Thurs at Swenson Park across the street from Lincoln High School and matches are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.