Know Your Rights

The first amendment is a right that is commonly misunderstood and either an excuse or not fully justified. Freedom of speech is a common right that is fought for by students, adults, and groups of people.

Principle Rodney Williams censored yearbook profile of a gay students. Taylor Ellis’s coming-out story was pulled out of the yearbook because it was “to personal” to publish. Administrators are only allowed to censor unwarranted invasion of privacy.

Ellis argued that he wanted his story to be put in the yearbook. His story about coming out would show other people that it is okay to be who you are.

The principal of a high school in Hazelwood School District deleted two pages from the school paper. The articles were about students with divorced parents and teens that were pregnant. The article was taken out without notice to the student editor and any student staff of the school paper. A student, Kuhlmeier sued the principal and lost in the Supreme Court in favor of the school and principal.

The principal said he felt the article was inappropriate for some of the younger students who were 14-year-old freshmen.

The members of the Ku Klux Klan were protected while protesting in Texas. The police kept the members of the KKK safe form the people who did not agree with the protest that the KKK was doing. The KKK are Caucasian, Christians that are fighting for gay marriage to be illegal in Texas.

Everyone fights for what they believe in. Whether or not the person wants help from the authority. People stand for what they believe in and sometimes seek help from the government courts.