Overrated Halloween Costumes I Won’t Care to See This Year


Trinity Scott

*Disclaimer* This is meant to be lighthearted and is not serious. Overall, this is simply my opinion. You can do whatever you want on Halloween as long as you’re staying safe. If you’d like to be basic that’s your choice. Now, here are my top 10 overrated Halloween costumes.

  1. A Cat- It’s played out at this point. Try harder.
  2. Police Officers- I just feel like we as a society need to let this costume go for obvious reasons.
  3. Vampires- It’s the same cheap fake fangs and cape over and over. 
  4. Minnie/Mickey Mouse- Disney should sue you, people. 
  5. Cheerleader- Keep that uniform in the back of your closet and let it go.
  6. The purge- you guys put on a white tee and wear the mask and think you’re are best dressed
  7. Angel- lopsided wings with a white outfit that gets dirty when you’ve been outside for not even 5 mins.
  8. Devil- honestly it’s just kinda plain
  9. Joker- honestly speaking Joker costumes have been played out since 2016
  10.  A witch- I see too many of you in the same exact hat and black dress and it drives me crazy.