Is money everything?


The sad reality of money in society depicted by this very sole image

Rose Yang

Everyone knows of the saying, “money is everything” and will buy you anything in the world when you desire it, but is this really the case?

Society today and back then have said that money is the key to happiness and that it’s everything one could wish for. To be rich means to be at the top of all. To be wealthy is a means to survive from poverty and live well in life. This saying has been around for a long time and has been drilled into our minds over and over again to prove that money is all you need to lead a happy future and not a bleak one.

What makes reality sad is that those who do not have that much money or anything at all struggle to live on a daily basis, but are either content with what they have, would do anything for money because of their situation, or are plain miserable. Those who have money can either show greed, sympathy to help others with their money or just feign ignorance and harbor disgust towards those who are below them that are considered “poor.”

The rankings in society consist of the lower, middle, and upper class and I come from a family that’s from the lower class. I know what it’s like to live in poverty with a big family of ten, barely struggling to find and have something to eat every day at the end of the month when food is gone, but it’s different now and I am happy with the little things I have. I wouldn’t change anything to live like this with my family as long as we can live and share the burden together. Their happiness is mine. If there was a chance, I do not wish to be rich but to make enough to live and financially support myself in the future of wherever I may go and walk. If I do however chose to become rich, it’ll be to help the needy out there and my family. I’d hardly use any of the money on me, but for someone who really needs it most.

With money, it makes what we see in people we know in society perish and die slowly. It’s almost as if money is draining away their soul continuously at the cost of an overdue contract they’ve signed and put themselves in for the long run. I know that it controls (unmask) others, brings out the worst in them, makes them blind and oblivious, brings out their boastful and prideful side, desperation, and makes them think they can have their way and solve everything with money in a raging fit. I know that money CAN make others happy and is the key to society that’s needed to live or buy anything essential you’ll need, but why must it be used in negative ways to get them out of a situation or problem? Money is said to buy happiness or love, but you can’t really buy those materialistic items. Even if you did, the person themselves will only see the you who is rich, not the real you when no one’s looking. They are only using you for their own benefit. Is it worth it to deteriorate slowly knowing that others will mostly only love you for the money you make and nothing else? Isn’t it tiring?

You can’t take all of the money that you make to your grave no matter how rich you are. However, I know not everyone abuses the use of money, but to those who have it, it’s most likely that there can be nothing done to change a person’s viewpoint of their obsession with money and the perspective that comes with it from society. Money makes people forget and has the power to bribe the truth and silence the righteous. I know that there are those who are born into wealth and money and when cornered, they only know how to solve the problem with only money, it’s how they were taught and raised, it’s not their fault, but it doesn’t change the fact that money is still everything in society.

With money comes a fa├žade you make to cover all the walls and barricade yourself to avoid being hurt. To have money means you are perfect in the eyes of others. To have money means you are wealthy. To have money means you are better off alone without the help of others. It’s not true. Those with money can also struggle in their own ways and be trapped when there’s nowhere else to go. They can be miserable, cry, need love, and much more. They have expectations to meet. It drains them, suffocates them, and they are human too who deserves a chance with life. But of course, I must ask where and why is money everything when society is the one who put this idea into our minds of this saying?


[Money isn’t everything.]